Manual No. XVII of the Act 

 Such other information as may be prescribed and thereafter update these publications every year.

Under Article 323(2) of the Constitution of India, it is the duty of the State Commission to present annually to the Governor of the State a report as to the work done by the Commission. The Governor on receipt of such report cause a copy thereof together with a memorandum explaining, as respects the cases , if any, where the advice of the Commission was not accepted, the reasons for such non-acceptance to be laid before the legislature of the State.

For the facility of the Govt. Departments and for the office use only, the Commission publishes a Hand Book known as the HPPSC Hand Book where number of forms have been devised for use by the Deptts. of the Govt. while referring cases of different types to the Commission. The Hand Book also contains some extracts from the Constitution of India, regulations made by the Governor of H.P. under the provision to clause (3) of Article 320 and Article 318 of the Constitution of India. The H.P.P.S.C Hand Book which is used for official use only is updated from time to time.

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