Manual No. III of the Act

The procedure followed in the decision making process including channels of supervision and accountability.

There are three levels at which decision(s) on different matters are taken i.e. Secretary, the Chairman and the Commission.

              Proposals or any references/ representations etc. received from different quarters are put up by  concerned Assistants and submitted to the Section Officer which is the first channel of supervision. After examination at the level of Section Officer the matter is again submitted to the Branch/ Branch Officer i.e. Additional Registrar, Registrar, Under Secretary who submits  all matters through Deputy Secretary/ Joint Secretary/ Additional Secretary of H.A.S. cadre as the case may be . The  Deputy Secretary/ Joint Secretary/ Additional Secretary of H.A.S. cadre (as the case may be) submits the case to the Secretary of I.A.S. cadre. If the Secretary is competent to dispose of  the matter then it is not sent to the further channel i.e. the Chairman. The Chairman is the last channel of supervision.

             Applications received from candidates for different posts are admitted at the office/ Secretary level as per Rules and conditions put in the Advertisement. Only those applications are put up to the Commission for orders where specfic need for  such orders is felt by the Secretary. The Chairman may direct any matter to be placed before the Commission.  Any advice on service matter sought by the Government is placed before the Commission and communicated accordingly. The interviews are taken by the Chairman himself or any other Member or Members assigned by him. The meeting of D.P.C. is presided over by the Chairman or any other Member as assigned by him. 

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