Manual No. VII of the Act

The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by, the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation therof

There is Reception Counter in the office of the Commission. Every information which can be given to the candidates/public is available. However, if any candidate wishes to discuss a matter or seeks further clarification, he/ she can meet higher authorities. Further if a candidate wants reply of any information in writing, the reply can be given to him on his/ her representation. Candidates/ public has no direct say in the formulation of policy or implementation thereof but the suggestion s of public on different issues are always taken into consideration

The following procedure of dealing with such applications (applications received under the Right to Information Act, 2005 )will be adopted in the Commission Office:-   

  1. Like  other application, such type of applications will  be received by the receptionist whether received by post or  by  hand.  Receipt of by hand application will be given  by  the receptionist to the information seeker as usual.
  2. After  receipt of application(s) by the  receptionist,  the  application  will  be given immediately to the  cashier  who  will remove the copy of challan attached and keep it on  his record properly (from audit point of view also) and append a  note of such entry to this effect on the application itself.  The  cashier  will hand over the  application  promptly  and personally to the APIO.
  3. The  APIO  will give the application to the D.A.  who  will immediately  put  up it after making  necessary  entries  in  register number-I to the APIO who will further submit it  to  the PIO.
  4. The PIO will take decision on every such application as  per  Rules/ Act and decision etc. of the Commission.
  5. Where  the  PIO will think proper that  some  clarification/ orders  of appelate authority (Secretary) is necessary,  the  matter will be put up for his orders.
  6. Where  the  appellate  authority(Secretary)  feels  that  the   matter requires to be placed for orders before the Chairman/  Commission, the matter will be put up accordingly and orders so implemented.
  7. Every  type of record will be made available by the  Section Officers and Branch Officers to the APIO/ PIO   pertaining to selections etc. as and      when  required so that exact information is conveyed to  the      information  seeker or record got inspected as the case  may be immediately and without delay.
  8. When the desired information is ready and some deficiency of  fees  etc.  is  noticed  the APIO/ PIO  will  write  to  the    information    seeker   accordingly   pointing   out    such   deficiencies  specifically and if no deficiency  is  noticed      the  information seeker will be asked either to collect  the    information  personally  or send a self  addressed  envelope     duly stamped so that required information is supplied immediately.
  9. Inspection of all type of record permissible to be inspected   by  the information seeker may be done in the  presence  and room of the APIO/ PIO.
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